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Lou Dec 2015

Thanks to James, Sarah & all the staff in Perfect Smile for such a friendly & professional service.  I would highly recommend James & his staff to anyone young or old.  For the first time in my life I am happy to smile and show off my teeth due to the excellent work carried out by James.  Thanks again to such a great team!

December 2015

Hi my name is Rachel Kiernan I got veneers done on Monday and I am delighted with how they turned out. It didn't hurt and the staff were amazing! Special thanks to James and Sarah.

I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and family Thanks again.

December 2015

Thanks to Dr. Hiney I finally feel comfortable with my smile.  My mouth feels beautiful.  I feel like I can smile at ease.  It was so quick and easy.  I’m so delighted with the final result.

Katie 15, Westmeath

Susan & Anthony O'Prey Westmeath September 2013 Since our 4 year old son received a 2 minute procedure from Dentist, James Hiney, it was like someone turned on a speaking switch for him. After nearly 2 years of Speech & Language Therapy and Courses with minimum effect, we instinctively knew it was more about pronunciation rather than speech & language development.  Even though Medical and Speech & Language opinion was that our son was not Tongue Tied, James Hiney expressed his opinion that there was a restriction that could cause pronunciation difficulties.  We can’t express our gratitude enough to James for his help; hearing our son chat freely and confidently for the first time is something special.

.I would also like to add that I have been to 17 different dentists in my life and suffered from a farily severe Dentist Phobia.  Not just the usual 'ewe dentists yeuch' thing but the need for medical chemical intervention to get me in through the doors of the dentist surgery!  IV drugs were administered for a mere check up.  But all this is a mere distant memory since attending Perfect Smile and James Hiney.  His expertise and skill have my teeth in the best condition ever and his kind manner and friendly, attentive and wonderful staff team have made the impossible possible!  I can now go to the dentist unaided alone.  I highly recommend James to everyone I speak to and everyone that I have recommended have come back to me and said they are very happy with their decision to go to James.  It has been a life changing experience for me and I never thought I would say that about going to the dentist!!! To James Hiney and his team, we sincerely thank you.

Erin Allen 7th June 2012 James, Thanking you for changing my smile, it is life changing for me because it has given me more confidence than I ever had, even my friends were shocked and jealous that I have nicer teeth than theirs after three weeks and since the day of the removal of the braces!

Before I had the treatment I was very worried about right lateral incisor, it was going backwards and pain was unbearable. I didnt smile for a very long time during 2nd level schooling because of lack of confidence and been bullied alot. That how i made the decision to get the treatment.

So all that hards times has gone and now I got more confidence and do not panic. I'll take good care of my teeth. My advice to the person who is going to have treatment [younger or older] is do not be scared on the first day of treatment! I'll keep on smiling forever!

Mary November 2011 It took me years to finally have the courage to make a dentist appointment because I have suffered a severe phobia of needles. When I called I first made an appointment for an examination and my mind was put at ease. All treatment was clearly lined out to me and over the course of the past few months my confidence has really grown. I would recommend Perfect Smile for every nervous person especially if you have a fear of needles. I found Perfect Smile the perfect place to get my perfect smile. I would also like to thank all the staff who have been very kind.

Matt June 2011Was price I was as quoted. I have been made feel guilty everywhere I went with my teeth in past these people are so nice and friendly. Hygienist did a great job and with no fuss, Dentist was swift and made clear all the options my dentist from now on.

Patricia Novemember 2010 Very pleased with my treatment and results am I am very nervous person and was really delighted with the relaxed atmosphere and the way they put me at ease.

Daniel March 2010 Very pleased with treatment received on both visits. Staff were attentive, courteous and prompt. I would highly recommend this clinic. If needed, would definitely return to this clinic for future treatment

Niall Maher 11th August 2009

I was amazed after the quality of attention to the client. I had never experienced the same in any dentistry practice in Mullingar previously. The treatments I received were straight forward and comfortable. The staff were more than competent with their work and I left with issues which I lived with for over a decade resolved - pity all the competition couldn't have done that when they took my money!
Without a shadow of a doubt, yes! The absolote best you could find. Modern facility and world class healthcare with an ethos of clients needs and experience are paramount to the success of the practice.Would highly recommend this clinic.

Aisling Gibney  30th July 2009

“I would like to sincerely thank James, Sarah and all the wonderful staff in Perfect Smile.  I am delighted with my teeth and how they turned out. I now have my perfect smile thanks to all the hard work you did for me James”

Karen Gallagher 23rd July 2009

I was very pleased with the treatment I received, Perfect Smile is a very professional and friendly Clinic and I was thrilled with the results.

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone young and old. The staff are not only professional but very friendly too. From the moment I walked into the Reception area and onwards to receive treatment I felt very much at ease and satisfied with the advice and treatment received.

It was a very positive experience and I will ensure to return for regular check up's and treatments in the future. I am delighted to have found a friendly, professional service with great results.

Lisa Finnan 23rd April 2008

“ It took just fifteen weeks for my teeth to change this dramatically. I am delighted with the results and cant believe how much of a difference it has made”


Irish Times;  Micahel Harding 13th June 2008

“I think it began in childhood. There was a mirror in the bedroom, and I was always afraid someone would come out through the glass and engage me in conversation. My worst fear was that a dentist might emerge, with his pliers and giant needles and tell me to open wide.

The anxiety returned last Tuesday morning. I had an appointment with the dentist at 9am. I was all stressed out, giving off stink to myself because I couldn’t find my wallet.

I crossed the canal by the metal footbridge near Marketpoint; the roof of the railway station to my left, and the train for Dublin sheltering on platform one. I resisted the urge to race to the ticket office and escape.

But I almost enjoyed myself in the fancy clinic, which resembled a gym or a leisure centre with white walls, and flat-screen monitors, and New Age music in the corridors.

The dentist was cheerful young man from Fermanagh, who plucked a useless wisdom tooth from my frozen jaw, and told me to come back for lots of fillings during the summer. He made it sound as innocuous as ice creams.”


Jennifer 6th November 2009: Before Picture March 2008


After Pictures June 2009




" I love my teeth, totally changed my life! People are always admiring them!"



Aine March 2010

7850-V-00002100-0 "I'm delighted with my new and teeth and smile and

can't believe how quick and comfortable it was!"